At Complete Investigations, we strive to deliver results
above and beyond our customers' expectations.  We know
how important confidentiality is and we  understand that
every case is unique and just as important as the last.  
Whether big or small, every case deserves the same

Our private investigators are all highly trained field experts
with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience. Our
agency has the capacity to take on a multitude of diverse
cases in the public, private, and personal sectors.

We understand how difficult hiring a private investigator can
be.  We are here to listen and assist you in gaining the
answers you deserve, through accurate detail oriented
reports, videos and photos, suitable for court.

Integrity and Trust are essential, especially when dealing
with such sensitive matters. We are discreet and committed
to maintaining your privacy.

Availability is 24/7 to assist you with your case, through text,
email or phone.